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What Is MComm

MComm is library of functions to help developers operate with devices connected to the computer through any standardized interface (e.g. RS232 serial port). These devices are called resources in MComm terminology. Currently supported resources are serial port devices. MComm consists of several parts:

Communication Resources

This part actually handles communication between the computer and a device connected to it. It manages channels and for each channel it manages a request queue. Channel is some kind of abstraction over the underlying resource. Request is an action you want to perform on the channel, e.g. read or write data from or to the resource belonging to the channel. The requests are stored in the channel's queue until the MComm removes and processes them. You can jump this queue by specifying different priorities for the requests. MComm will also notify you when some action on the channel happens, e.g. when the data are ready or when particular request is finished.


Messaging part of the MComm library helps you with mobile phone short message services (SMS). It is capable composing and decoding short messages.

Supported platforms

MComm library is developed to run under Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP or later. (82 KB)
System: MS Windows 2000/XP
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