SMS Server

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Table Of Contents

  1. Licence Agreement
  2. Usage
  3. Configuration
  4. Script Reference
  5. Command Line Parameters

Licence Agreement

This software is free for non-commercial use. This software is provided "as-is", without any expressed or implied warranty. In no event shall the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software. Software must be redistributed in the original package only. Internet, CD-ROM and any other media redistribution is allowed only with the permission of the author. Content of the original package must not be changed (e.g. modify, add or remove files). Program cannot be disassembled and no changes must be done in binary and any other files of the program without the permission of the author. User can install software in any number of computers as long as he or she will use the original software package.


SMS server processes short messages received through mobile phone terminal. It can also send short message in response on some external event. SMS server is highly adaptable because it makes use of the Microsoft® JScript. You can use SMS server in home automation or security, measure applications and similar.

Configure the modem (see paragraph Configuration later in this document). Then write a script in the editor or open existing script (see example scripts for inspiration) and run the server (menu Tools-Start Server or simply hit the red arrow button on the toolbar). If the both SMS server and the modem are properly configured you will get the 'Found modem xxx' and then 'Server running' message in the log. Also the status bar text changes to 'Running'.

Also see Command Line Parameters for advanced options.


Connect GSM mobile phone or GSM terminal to the computer using standard serial port. The modem must support Phase 2+ according to GSM 07.05 specification. You can check this by running the server. If the modem is not Phase 2+ compliant you will get the 'Bad modem answer message' in the log window and the server will not run. Setup properly the communication port and the bitrate in the modem configuration dialog (menu Tools-Options...).

Script Reference

SMS server makes use of the Microsoft® JScript. For more information about JScript see the documentation on SMS server exposes one global object named SmsServer. The object features following methods and events.


SendShortMessage(destination, message)

Sends short message to the phone number destination with text message. Phone number should be in international format. Returns true if the message was sent or false if an error occured.


SendShortMessage("420604123456", "Hello.");

Puts the server in stopped state. This method has no return value.


Writes message to the log. This must be enabled in the configuration dialog. This method has no return value.

MessageBox(message, flags)

Displays dialog box with message, flags are combination of following values:

mbOk, mbOkCancel, mbYesNo, mbYesNoCancel, mbAbortRetryIgnore, mbRetryCancel

Specifies the button used on the dialog.

mbError, mbWarning, mbInformation, mbQuestion

Specifies the icon displayed in the dialog.

Return value depends on the button that user pressed. It is one of following value:

mrOk, mrCancel, mrYes, mrNo, mrAbort, mrRetry, mrIgnore


if (MessageBox("Press a button.", mbYesNo|mbInformation) == mrYes) {
	// the YES button was pressed
} else {
	// the NO button was pressed



Invoked after the server is successfuly started.


Invoked when the server is going to be stopped.

OnIncomingMessage(from, message)

Invoked when a new short message is received from specified originating phone number. Message text is specified by the message parameter.

Command Line Parameters


Starts the server.


Stops the server.

-f script_filename

Loads the script script_filename.


Stops the server and exits the application.


Creates no file log. Cannot be combined with '-log' parameter.

-log log_filename

Outputs the log to the log_filename. Cannot be combined with '-nolog' switch.


Runs the application minimized.


Supress some dialogs.